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Welcome to Just Pause, the 3,782nd ranked Nintendo-focused news, reviews, and more website!

You may remember Just Pause from its original incarnation in the mid-2000’s as one of the premiere spots for all of your gaming news, bringing you such breaking news as the announcement of Trauma Center: New Blood for the Nintendo Wii and other fantastic games. You may remember Just Pause for its constant game giveaways in partnership with various game companies, such as Ubisoft. You may remember Just Pause by its logo, slightly updated for the modern era. You might not remember Just Pause and that’s just fine, we are glad you are here now.

After an 8 year hiatus, we decided our views on the gaming world could no longer be contained. The gaming landscape has changed, but games journalism has not. We plan to produce the same high quality content that made our name years ago. The big difference between today and yesteryear is the focus – instead of focusing on all platforms we have decided to narrow the focus down to just Nintendo games to provide a more focused approach to the gamer.

Scott Berlin is a political consultant and marketing expert, so naturally he likes to share his opinion. In his highly limited free time, he enjoys playing a plethora of Nintendo platform games. His favorite game is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which may be cliche but is the truth.

James’s love for Nintendo started with the NES and Gameboy. The WiiU as the sole exception, he has owned every system Nintendo has ever made, including the Virtual Boy. He is hoping for a Nintendo resurgence in the next generation of games.