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Lost in Harmony Coming to Switch in June

Runner3 may have just released, but another acclaimed music-based runner game is on the horizon: Lost in Harmony! Lost in Harmony dances its way onto Nintendo Switch on June 21st.

Rather unique to the genre is the focus on story in Lost in Harmony. Follow the adventures of Kaito and Aya, two teenage who brave many hardships and travel together across a hand-drawn dreamworld while staying in harmony with the music.

Some big names are on-board for the music such as Wycleaf Jean Tadayoshi Makino.

  • Rhyme and run: Experience music in a new way with the combination of choreographed musical rhythmic tapping and running
  • Strong story lore: Discover the emotional and gripping story from the co-creator of Valiant Hearts
  • Musical experience: Moving and original soundtrack from well-known composers and singers
  • Hand-drawn graphics: Travel through 30+ breathtaking painted environments
  • Customization features: Customize your character’s clothes, hat, headphones and skateboard