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De Mambo Coming to Switch in June

De Mambo, a single-screen action platformer from The Dangerous Kitchen, just got its Nintendo Switch release date – worldwide on June 29th. I’ve watched countless videos and seen tons of screenshots, but I still can’t quite adequately describe the game, so here are some screenshots, the developers’ description, and a trailer!

The game will have 3 modes: ‘Mambo’ the 2-4 player multiplayer dance of death; ‘Solo’ the salivating single-player gameplay extravaganza; and ‘Survival’ the 1-4 player co-op mode where survival is the name of the game… literally!

  • One Button Action – easy to learn, hard to master gameplay designed to use one action button and a D-Pad/keys for movement
  • Mambo Multiplayer – roughhouse up to four of your friends/enemies in ‘Mambo’
  • Loser Rail – the feature designed to give you a second chance, for those of you not good enough to win
  • Flimsy Architecture – breakable environment for reactive gameplay
  • Solo Single Player Mode – A flawless lone-wolf mode where you climb a tower of gameplay
  • Survival Mode – Don’t let the invaders from space breach your personal space in this hardcore mode
  • Miniature American flags for some