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Sonic Forces Gets Custom Characters

Sonic Forces is the brand new Sonic game coming this Holiday season that takes place after Dr. Robotnik has taken over the world. For the first time in Sonic history, the player can create their own character, in addition to the Modern and Classic versions of Sonic.

There are seven base animal types that players can select from, each with varying special abilities:

  • Wolf – Automatically draws in rings when near them
  • Rabbit – Has longer invincible time after receiving damage
  • Cat – Keeps one ring after being hit
  • Dog – Restarts with five rings after the player dies
  • Bear – Blows away enemies with a homing attack
  • Bird – Flies high with double jump abilities
  • Hedgehog – Collects rings when getting damaged

In this just announced gameplay style, players will be equipping their custom Hero Character with one of a variety of powerful unique gadgets called Wispons. Wispons are an evolution of the Color Powers from Sonic Colors and double as both offensive abilities and as a way to platform through levels quickly. Along with the Wispon, the Hero Character will have a grappling hook they can utilize to quickly traverse across zones. Players can also customize the Hero Character’s looks by choosing and swapping between hundreds of accessories and outfit options to change the character’s appearance as they play through the game.

No matter what Hero the player chooses to create, it will be featured throughout the entire game. For the first time in Sonic history, a custom character will be a key part of the story, appearing not only in cut scenes, but by being a crucial factor in helping Sonic reclaim the world from Eggman’s domination.