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What Does It Take to Get an Amiibo Created?

Miketendo just posted a great article about the process behind getting a third party amiibo to market.

As we all know, there are only a couple of non-Nintendo amiibo currently on the market, with Nicalis constantly teasing the creation of an Isaac amiibo. Now we know why they keep trying to gauge interest, Nintendo requires the purchase of 100,000 NFC tags for $.30 each, or an up-front investment of $30,00 just to get the process started.

Nintendo also requires a detailed market plan: Who will manufacture your amiibo, timeline of creation to market, the marketing strategy to sell your amiibo, and the design of the amiibo. This is all just to get approval to pay $30,000 to then begin the actual creation of the amiibo. Then the company needs to convince retailers, such as GameStop and Best Buy, to carry the amiibo.

Hopefully this answers some questions as to why everybody doesn’t hop on the amiibo train, because it certainly is not easy to sell 100,000 units of any product, let alone a niche game-to-life toy as Disney understands. Hopefully, Nicalis take the call-to-action of their fans seriously and gets on it!