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Boom Shaq-a-Laqa: NBA Playgrounds Interview

We had a chance to sit down one on one with the CEO of Saber Interactive to discuss today’s big release, NBA Playgrounds. We were able to cover many topics, some which did not make the video, but mostly we got a lot of information about the game in the developers’ own words.

Saber Interactive will be releasing several updates for the game over the coming months, with two main priorities: Online features on Nintendo Switch and loading times. The Switch currently has the longest load times of any platform, but Matt did promise this will be addressed in the first major update.

There are currently no plans for monetization through player packs or new playgrounds, these will be released free of charge so I will be able to play as Steve Nash – I am a Phoenix Suns fan after all. This is a marked difference from the direction EA has taken with their line of Ultimate Team modes

One interesting detail that was left on the cutting room floor is this: Journeyman players will receive updates later to allow you to choose their team, such as Grant Hill, and there are already several Legends that have this completed.

This is the first game to pose a unique complication for us at Just Pause, while the game is fun, it is not quite complete. It is what we have decided to refer to as a ‘Living Game’ meaning the game available for purchase today at $20 is not quite the same game you will be able to purchase a year from now, there will be dozens, if not hundreds, of new players on the roster and new modes both online and offline.

Finally, Shaq Fu is already developed! I cannot share any more details than that, but definitely look forward to more Shaq Fu news coming soon. As always, Just Pause will be here with all of the news as it breaks.