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MOP: Operation Cleanup is Now Available on Wii U

Ensenasoft has just released their latest title for the Wii U, MOP: Operation Cleanup. Take on the role of MOP in a world of radioactive despair and piling trash heaps to clean the world and heroically save the day! MOP: Operation Cleanup is now available on the Wii U eShop for just $5.00.

You are MOP, a trashcan and valiant defender of the environment on a mission to clean up the world. Evil dominates the streets and everywhere you look, trash is littering the road, and the foul odor is polluting and contaminating what life is left. Your objective is to guide MOP through five challenging worlds, each containing ten difficult missions full of pixel-perfect platforming fun. Run, jump, swim and slide your way through each world, while destroying enemies and obstacles on your way. You will need a lot of skill, patience and perfect timing to complete certain tasks, as levels in the game contains traps and are full of surprises. Entry levels can be completed by ridding the area for trash or by reaching the end without loss of a life, while later levels require careful planning and a lot of practice… As you progress, you can reenergize by collecting boosters of energy shaped as batteries, but they become harder to discover on later levels.