Legend of Zelda 'CLUE' is now available for preorder! | Just Pause

Legend of Zelda ‘CLUE’ is now available for preorder!

Merchoid, a developer of licensed video game merchandise, has now announced a Legend of Zelda themed version of CLUE. Ganondorf has obtained the power of the Triforce and is about to fulfill his desire to take over the world, so it is up to you to figure out how to obtain the power to defeat him and where his secret lair is hidden.


This game will only be available in the United States and is expected to release in June. It is available for preorder here.

The game includes:

  • Custom Game Board
  • 6 Metal Hero Movers: Master Sword, Fairy Bow, Megaton Hammer, Boomerang, Hookshot, Bombchu
  • 6 Personality Cards: Link, Impa, Nabooru, Zelda, Rauru. Darunia
  • 16 Boss Encounter Cards
  • Custom Score Pad
  • Custom Mystery Envelope
  • 2 Dice
  • Instructions