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Super Bomberman R To Get New Stage Tomorrow

Konami has previously mentioned that Super Bomberman R would receive free stage DLC to improve the replayability of Super Bomberman R, but we now have word on when the first update will hit, and it is tomorrow according to a tweet from the Japanese Bomberman Twitter account.

Running this tweet through Google Translate gives us the following:

 We will deliver the “Super Bomberman R” update (Ver.1.3) past 10 o’clock on Friday the 21st. Improve operability, adjust difficulty level, add new stage, etc. Details will be announced on the official page of the day.

We look forward to a new stage in this already fun, albeit limited game. There will also be difficulty adjustments and improved operability that will hopefully continue the online stability tweaks that came in the previous updates.

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If substantial changes come from post-launch DLC, we will post an updated review, so stay tuned for additional coverage!