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Switch Player Issue 2 Is Out and We’re In It!

The second issue of Switch Player Magazine – a publication dedicated to Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console – is now available digitally. Featuring the latest Nintendo Switch reviews, hands-on impressions and a previews and interviews over 60 pages, this magazine is the best way to stay in the know for everything to do with this exciting console.

Nintendo is well known for not playing nicely with other developers, but this relationship has been changing with the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo, and Damon Baker specifically, has gone on record so much about this that I actually wrote an article for the magazine about it! Be sure to check it out.

Skip directly to our article about Nintendo’s growing relationship with indie developers.

Friend of the site Paul Murphy had this to say about the launch of the magazine:

After the amazing support for the first issue of Switch Player, where it was read over 34,000 digitally and for free we knew we had to make an even bigger impression for our second issue and hope that everyone enjoys this magazine. The demand for both the free version and the print edition shows that there is a need and a demand for this magazine and we hope that we can continue to provide essential news and coverage for many issues to come, appeasing those dedicated Nintendo fans with a convenient way to keep informed with the latest Switch details.

You can check out the magazine online here, or pledge on Patreon to receive a physical cop for only $9!