NBA Playgrounds Dribbles Onto Switch in May | Just Pause

NBA Playgrounds Dribbles Onto Switch in May

NBA Playgrounds now has a launch window, it is releasing on the Nintendo Switch in May. NBA Playgrounds is an arcade basketball game that harkens back to the days of NBA Jam with two-on-two arcade action. When it releases in May, it will cost $19.99 and be available only digitally.

All 30 NBA franchises will be available, as well as a selection of current and retired NBA all-stars including Allan Iverson. The game will feature single player and both local and online multiplayer – online multiplayer will have tournaments, too.

“Basketball is such a pick-up-and-play sport at heart – we really wanted to bring that spirit into gaming,” said Saber’s CEO, Matt Karch. “NBA Playgrounds has a lot of depth for pros who’ve mastered their game, but it’s accessible enough that anyone can jump in, have fun and feel competitive.“

Check out the first trailer and some screenshots below!