Nintendo Switch 'Activity Log' Unlocks After 10 Days | Just Pause

Nintendo Switch ‘Activity Log’ Unlocks After 10 Days

Originally speculated to unlock after 7 days, it is now confirmed that the ‘Activity Log’ feature of the Nintendo Switch unlocks after 10 days.

Counting in 5 hour increments, the Nintendo Switch tracks playtime for games in the user profile, delineating playtime for each profile on the system. The downside of this incrementation is that games played for less than 5 hours show up as “Played for a few minutes.”

While this is not a full-fledged ‘Activity Log’ ala the Wii, Wii U, or 3DS, this will allow gamers to loosely track of how many hours are put into each game across the lifetime of the system. On the plus side, this shows that the data is tracked, so it is possible to add a full-fledged log at a later time.

Prior to launch, we compiled a list of 5 features the Switch needs and an activity log was one of them. We are glad to see implementation in any form.