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Developers Explain Runner3 Exclusivity

During yesterday’s Nindies Showcase, Nintendo announced that Runner3, the latest entry in the Bit.Trip Runner franchise, will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Gamers across message boards had mixes reactions as Bit.Trip presents Runner 2 was the first multiplatform entry in the Bit.Trip franchise. The developers commented on Reddit about why they chose to make Runner 3 ¬†exclusive:

I totally understand where you’re coming from. The short version is that we’re a small team, and focusing all our efforts on one platform makes a lot of sense for us. And because A) we got our start on Nintendo platforms and B) what Nintendo is doing with the Switch aligns very well with what we’d like to do for Runner3, we made the decision to go with that platform.

Runner 2 was named one of our top indie games of the Wii U, and is frequently streamed during our nightly Twitch Show – Just Pause Nightly.

Needless to say for this writer, this was one of the most exciting announcements of the showcase.