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A Super Rad Super Bomberman R Interview

Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, Bomberman – these are some of the biggest icons video games have ever produced. Since the Konami-Hudson merger, one of the biggest questions on the mind of gamers has been: When will Bomberman get the new game he deserves?

The Nintendo Switch launches in just a few days, and Bomberman is not missing his chance to stand in the spotlight. Super Bomberman R marks the glorious return of Bomberman to the big screen. Yet with such little time left until its release, we still had many questions about the game.

In a quest to answers these questions we reached out to our friends at Konami. Benjamin Kinney, a brand manager at Konami, was more than happy to discuss the game with us and answer a few our questions.

This is the first new Nintendo-platform Bomberman since 2009’s DSiWare Bomberman Blitz, what was behind the decision to bring Bomberman back for the Nintendo Switch launch?

The Nintendo Switch allows gamers to play wherever, whenever and with whomever, so the team thought it was the perfect time to renew the beloved series based on the platform concept. We believe this game will be fun for everyone – from kids who are new to the Bomberman series to longtime fans.

What excites Konami the most about the Nintendo Switch?

We believe that Nintendo Switch, which can be played at home or on the go with family and friends, matches perfectly with the Bomberman’s gameplay.

If there is one thing you would want our readers to know about Super Bomberman R, what would it be?

There are no real money microtransactions in the game. Content in the game unlocks by accumulating free “gems” earned through gameplay that players can use.

Bomberman is well-known for its multiplayer gameplay, can you elaborate as to the local and online multiplayer gameplay for Super Bomberman R?

Super Bomberman R’s online mode works through the Nintendo Switch’s network utilizing their online SDK. Matchmaking is done through a lobby system, where players can find each other through the Switch friend list. (Editors Note: In a followup, it was clarified that lobbies allow for matchmaking with both friends and random online players)

Will the main story cooperative mode be available for online play?

No, co-op is not available for online play.

Can we expect to see Louie make an appearance?

We can’t reveal any information about additional characters at the moment, but rest assured, we’re considering all options.

All of the Bomberman brothers have distinct personalities, will they also feature special abilities that will affect gameplay?

Without giving away too many surprises, you’ll have to play the game to find out!

Will enemies such as Magnet Bomber be playable characters in Battle Mode?

There’s a variety of special characters and maps in online play that you’ll be able to unlock.

If Super Bomberman R proves to be successful, can we count on seeing more classic Konami IP – such as Boktai, Goemon, and Suikoden – being revived?

Regardless of Super Bomberman R’s success, we are always evaluating opportunities for all of our IPs.

If the team could be any type of tree, what type of tree would they be and why?

I can’t speak on behalf of the entire team, but me personally, I’d be a Southern live oak (Quercus Virginiana) because of its ability to provide copious amounts of shade… plus it looks really cool.

A big thank you to Benjamin Kinney for answering our questions as well as follow-ups. As we reported yesterday, the game will also run at “full Switch resolution” and 30 frames per second. Contrary to rumors that floated around at the game’s announcement, there will be no micro-transaction monetization of the in-game gems – they are merely for in-game purchases of unlockable content.

Like many others, I spent countless hours in Bomberman 64 blasting away my friends in delightful fashion. I look forward to bringing those same friends around to kill or be killed in 8-player Battle Mode and seeking decades-old vengeance.

Super Bomberman R launches for $49.99 this Friday, March 3rd, alongside the Nintendo Switch.

We will be playing Super Bomberman R as part of our 24 hour Nintendo Switch Livestream, so be sure not to miss it!