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RIVE cancelled for Wii U, coming to Switch

Originally announced in 2014, RIVE was set to release on the Wii U. While it has released on PC and PS4, the fate of the Wii U version had been in limbo – until today! Two Tribe games tweeted this morning that the game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, with an exclusive Switch expansion.

RIVE is a love letter to 90’s side-scrolling shoot ’em up gameplay with a modern twin-stick shooter twist. Imagine if Contra and Geometry Wars had a tryst that resulted in a secret love child, RIVE is that child.

RIVE is a great fit for Nintendo Switch. It was always intended as an explosive ode to the action games of the early nineties. Nostalgic, yet thoroughly modern. And we feel that Nintendo Switch, too, is all about bringing the experience from our youth, playing deep and skill-based games together, to the current day.

RIVE is also supposed to be Two Tribe’s final game. Two Tribes started off life as a Nintendo developer with Toki Tori on the Game Boy Color, so it is only fitting that their final game sees the light of day on a Nintendo console.