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Nintendo Pushed for Ultimate Chicken Horse on Switch

Ahead of our interview that goes live this afternoon, we wanted to give you a little taste of what Richard Atlas, CEO of Clever Endeavour Games had to say about his game.

When asked about why they plan to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch, he had this to say:

The Switch has been an obvious choice for UCH (Ultimate Chicken Horse) since we started hearing rumors of it as the NX. Nintendo is traditionally quite closed about information and working with indies, but they’re doing a better job now and have pushed pretty hard for us to come out on Switch. Now that the information about the console is public, it’s easy to tell why the game is perfect for a party system like theirs.

The Nintendo Switch has seen a vast influx of indie titles already being announced for the system, and we are still over a week away from its release! It’s very encouraging to see that Nintendo has not only made development easy for the system, as Frozenbyte’s Kai Tuivonen has told us, or released development kits at only $500, but is actively courting indie developers to bring their hit titles to the Nintendo Switch.

Indie games have long been a struggle for Nintendo, with the Wii U missing out on many bigger titles that released on the PS4 and Xbox One, but so far this seems to be a non-issue for the Switch. Hopefully this trend carries forward over the coming years, and with the ease of development, low-cost development kits, and the ability to take games on the go the Switch becomes the new premiere indie console.

Update: The full interview is now live.

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