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An Ultimate Chicken Horse Interview with Clever Endeavour Games

Last week, Clever Endeavour Games announced they will be bringing indie hit Ultimate Chicken Horse to the Nintendo Switch. Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer released last year for the PC. Critically acclaimed for its unique gameplay, UCH will be a natural fit for the Nintendo Switch based on its multiplayer take on classic platforming.

In our never ending quest to bring you the latest Nintendo-related news, we hunted down Richard Atlas, CEO of Clever Endeavour Games, and cornered him to ask a few questions about the upcoming game. Check out what he had to say about his upcoming game!


Ultimate Chicken Horse is a very unique game that defies traditional genre defining. How would you explain the game to our readers?

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer, with emphasis on the “party”. The main mechanic involves moving quickly between building and running, meaning that the player is truly creating the map as well as running through it. I think that breaking this up into phases make the game feel less like a traditional platformer.

What inspired the team to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch?

The Switch has been an obvious choice for UCH (Ultimate Chicken Horse) since we started hearing rumors of it as the NX. Nintendo is traditionally quite closed about information and working with indies, but they’re doing a better job now and have pushed pretty hard for us to come out on Switch. Now that the information about the console is public, it’s easy to tell why the game is perfect for a party system like theirs.

Will Ultimate Chicken Horse take advantage of the ability to split up a Joy-Con set for local multiplayer gaming?

We’re hoping to, but we haven’t gotten far enough in playing with the development kits to know the limitations of it. Those kinds of features will depend on how our game engine, Unity, cooperates with the Switch architecture and what we have the time / ability to do.

Does the team plan on adding in other Switch-specific features such as support for HD Rumble?

This is the same as the previous answer, I think we’d like to use all of the new features but don’t want to promise anything yet in case we discover some technical hurdles that we can’t overcome.

With the new level creation mode, will users be able to share their levels? If not, is this something you intend to release at a later time?

Yes! In fact, players can already share their created levels via a code that they can copy into the game and play. At the moment, the levels start out as the current levels in the game and players can use the blocks we provide to make their levels. With this new expansion, there will be different sized set blocks of different colors so that people can play around and make creations limited only by their imaginations. We also have these pieces indestructible when the game is played in regular Party Mode (or other game modes), so this way the level is really set up exactly how you want it to be.

The OST for Ultimate Chicken Horse was sold separately on Steam. Will the game release with a Soundtrack Mode on consoles?

We haven’t considered it yet, but if it’s possible, I imagine we would.

On PC, there is no single player mode. Is there any desire to add single player content for the console version?

There’s no explicit single player mode, but the Free Play mode allows players to build and experiment on their own. We’re planning something else for console launch that will improve this experience but we can’t talk about that just yet 😉

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about the game?

Little fun fact about the game is that it started off as a game jam, which is basically a 48-hour period where you try to make an entire game. The jumping felt crappy and weird, but the game was already fun within the first 48 hours! Bonus fun fact, the tennis ball shooter in the current game hasn’t changed since the game jam.

If the team could be any type of tree, what type of tree would they be and why?

This question got me looking up a whole bunch of different species of tree. Did you know there’s a tree that shoots out its seeds at up to 160mph as a means of spreading its seed? It’s called the Hura Crepitans. I don’t think we’d be that one cause it’s a bit violent. I think we would be a maple tree (cause Canada) large enough to hold a majestic treehouse with a couch and TV and multiplayer games.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is scheduled to release this Summer.