Konami Details Super Bomberman R Battle Mode | Just Pause

Konami Details Super Bomberman R Battle Mode

It has been known for a while that Super Bomberman R would feature 8-player multiplayer, but today Konami hasĀ filled us in on a few more details regarding how exactly that works for Battle Mode.

Multiplayer Battle

This is a typical local multiplayer set-up. Using 8 Joy-Con controllers and 1 Nintendo Switch, gamers can play battle mode for bombing dominance.

Local Battle

This is more akin to a handheld system multiplayer mode. Using 4 Nintendo Switch consoles, 2 players on each, gamers can enjoy a bit less clutter around each system. This mode will be perfect for conventions and other gamer meet-ups, or just general playing on the go.

Online Battle

Online Battle allows 2 players per system to battle online for bomber dominance against anyone in the world…that has Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch.


Konami has not detailed co-op for story mode yet, but stay tuned for more coverage as we get closer to launch!