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Ultimate Chicken Horse Scrambles onto Switch

You get an indie game, you get indie game, you get an indie game – EVERYONE GETS AN INDIE GAME! If you feel like you’re on an episode of Oprah with all of these Nintendo Switch indie announcements, trust me, you’re not alone.

Clever Endeavor Games has announced that Ultimate Chicken Horse, a unique platforming racer, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Ultimate Chicken Horse‘s hilarious and competitive multiplayer has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of PC gamers, so coming to consoles and allowing everyone to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their couch was an easy decision,” says Richard Atlas, CEO, Clever Endeavour Games.

Ultimate Chicken Horse was a dark horse(ahem) indie game released on the PC last year, and this is not just a simple port. In addition to placing obstacles in the way of your opponents, there is a brand new mode in which players will be able to create entire levels.

Ultimate Chicken Horse┬áhas three game modes. In Party Mode, players choose from a handful of blocks to place and turns are simultaneous. Creative Mode opens up the entire inventory for players to choose from. Free Play Mode enables a single player to design levels from the full suite of objects, which they can save and share online. There’s also a solution for players who don’t have 4 controllers; Couch Hot Seat Mode which is like Creative Mode, but turn-based.