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Pixel Princess Blitz is Coming to the Switch

Pixel Princess Blitz has met its funding goal on Kickstarter, which means it’s coming to Switch.

Pixel Princess Blitz seems to be a very ambitious title. Nearly every aspect of the game is variable, leading to no user experience being replicated. One of the most interesting features is the ‘Dungeon Master’ where the game automatically generates dungeons to cater against your specific play style.

Here are some key features taken from the Kickstarter page:

  • Overworld Survival – Turn-based, exploration survival on a large hex grid map without hand-holding.
  • Real-time Action – A huge motion palette including melee and ranged attacks, spells, dodging, blocking, deflecting and special moves.
  • Huge Arsenal – A minimum of 4 weapons types, different armors, accessories and items that can be upgraded, repaired and enchanted.
  • Dynamic story – Each move and interaction with factions and characters has a huge impact on your multi-ended journey. Gain respect and affection of NPCs that inhabit the dynamic world.

Back this game or find out more information over at its Kickstarter page.