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Nintendo February 1st Financial Briefing Recap

Earlier this evening Nintendo held its 9-month summary financial briefing. These briefings offer fantastic insight into the internal thought processes of Nintendo and what their priorities may be. Here are some of the important parts of tonight’s briefing:

Pokemon Sun and Moon has already sold over 13 million units, more than the Wii U sold in totality as per our earlier report. This is the fastest selling set of Pokemon games, which also have long tails. 17% of players had not played any 3DS games prior to Pokemon.

While 3DS sales were slightly down in Japan during the holiday season, the US and EU saw increase sales, marking an overall increase year-to-year. The 2DS has been another reason for the bump, offering a sub-$100 alternative to the 3DS. Over 62 million 3DS consoles have been sold worldwide.

Super Mario Maker has sold nearly 1 million units in Japan and is expected to outsell the Wii U version. Yokai Watch has been selling at a faster rate in Europe than Japan, partially due to the non-gaming merchandise available.

Nintendo intends to continue supporting the 3DS, even after the launch of the Switch. They emphatically denied that the Switch will be a replacement for the 3DS line, a claim that we will be investing in an article next week. Nintendo reiterated their first-party line-up for the year, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Mario Sports Superstars, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valencia, and Fire Emblem: Warriors – as well as third-party games – Monster Hunter XX and Dragon Quest XI – as evidence that the 3DS will not be killed off.

Amiibo sales have topped 20.5 million figures sold.

Over 1.5 million NES Classic systems have been sold, a number that outpaced Nintendo’s expectations. They intend to increase production to meet demand even after the launch of the Switch.

Super Mario Run has been downloaded over 78 million times, with a record 40 million downloads in the first 4 days. Nintendo intends to use their smartphone games, such as Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, to drive demand for their traditional platform installments. An Android release is planned for March causing a delay in the release of Animal Crossing. Fire Emblem Heroes will release on Thursday in 39 countries.

Due to the positive reception and sell-through of preorders, Nintendo will increase production of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has intentionally spread out their first-party titles throughout the year to try to prevent a drought of game releases, a lesson learned from previous consoles. Splatoon 2 will have voice chat for its online.

Previously, Nintendo had announced that 80 games were in development from 50 companies and today they revised that number to over 100 games from 70 companies.

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