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Bplus Celebrates 10 Years with Switch Announcements

This weekend Bplus celebrated 10 years as a licensed Nintendo developer and Bernd Geiblinger released a video on the Bplus YouTube channel to celebrate this milestone.

What you may catch in this teaser is a couple of unannounced Switch games, as well as some Switch gameplay of his first strategy game, Tank It!

In Tank It! the user controls a heavy tank in a war simulation strategy game. You are deployed on missions to destroy military targets, however there will be collateral damage. This game is meant as more than a game, Bernd wants to convey the message that War Kills. Tank It! is expected to release September 2017.

Previously unannounced Switch titles, Puzzle Box and Bit Boy!! Arcade Deluxe, were also shown off.

Puzzle Box is a painting puzzle game. While the concept may be simple, the plethora of modes adds complexity to the game. Based upon the video, this game seems to be a port of the 2016 Puzzle Box for the PC which had over 200 levels.

Bit Boy!! Arcade Deluxe was just teased as a quick clip and a logo behind a floating Bernd head while talking to Kubi. Nothing is yet known about this game other than a targeted 2017 release. BitBoy!! is the flagship franchise of Bplus, an action series focused on reuniting Kubi with his friends.

With 2 of the 3 featured Switch games being available on the PC, this continues to show the ease of development for the Switch for indie developers.