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More Indie Support for Switch eShop Launch

And the list of launch day titles keeps on growing. Tomorrow Corporation announced they will be bringing 3 indie hits – World of Goo, Little Inferno, Human Resources Machine – to the Nintendo Switch eShop on launch day, March 3rd.

All 3 games will include a brand new Soundtrack Mode to listen to Kyle Gabler’s original soundtracks.

On consoles, World of Goo was originally a WiiWare digital title for the Nintendo Wii. In World of Goo, you would construct structures using balls of goo to complete a physics based title.

Little Inferno was a Wii U digital launch title. Little Inferno is a sandbox-puzzle game in which users are able to place any number of items inside of a fireplace and burn them.

Human Resources Machine released originally on Wii U, PC, and Mac. Using a list of pre-determined commands, you must program the Human Resources Machine in order to complete the level, a year of the life of the machine.

No details on price have yet been announced and all 3 games will be sold separately.